Considering a Career in Dentistry?


Career in Dentistry For as long as people have had teeth, they have also experienced tooth-related problems. While early methods to manage dental problems were limited and often quite painful, the evolution of dentistry has been exponential. Advances made in the understanding of teeth and medicine, combined with the discovery of anesthetics and sedatives, have […]

Oral Care Tips For Senior Family Members

senior oral care

Oral Care Tips For Senior Family Members If you are responsible for caring for an aging family member, it’s important to help them maintain a regular oral healthcare routine.  For many seniors, declining oral health can not only lead to lower self-esteem, poor diet, and mouth pain, but also serious health issues, such as heart […]

5 Simple Steps To Combat Chronic Bad Breath

Bad breath - Dental Service

How To Combat Chronic Bad Breath Who would you rather be: The friend telling a friend they have bad breath? OR The friend being told they have bad breath? NEITHER!!!  Not only is chronic bad breath embarrassing, it can be indicative of a health issue. Nobody needs to suffer with bad breath, not you or […]

Learn All About Dental Hygienists

dental hygenists

Your Friendly Dental Hygienist in Edmonton When you come to our Edmonton dental clinic for routine dental care, one of the many friendly faces you will see at Bonnie Doon Dental Associates is your dental hygienist.  Dental hygienists in Alberta are licensed professionals registered with a governing body. The role of our dental hygienists involves […]

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