How to Prevent Cavities with Invisalign

How to Prevent Cavities When Wearing Invisalign

Invisalign is a great alternative to traditional braces, the best part about it? You get to clean your
teeth without any metal wires getting in the way. While traditional braces cannot be removed, Invisalign
can be taken off while the patient eats or drinks, which allows for easy cleaning. This, along with being
virtually invisible, makes Invisalign an attractive option for orthodontic patients.
But you must keep in mind that cavities are still possible if your teeth are not cared for correctly
while wearing Invisalign. It’s important for patients to have self-discipline and remember the instructions
their orthodontist gave them to avoid cavities while wearing their invisible trays.
Invisalign must be worn for almost the entire day, typically 20-22 hours. This means that patients
have to use their free time to remove the trays and properly clean both them and their teeth. The trays
should never be worn before the patient’s teeth have been brushed and flossed adequately. Braces of all
kinds can create the type of areas that harbor plaque and bacteria, making teeth harder to clean and more
likely to decay.

While wearing Invisalign, Orthodontists recommend eliminating some specific foods and snacks that
could compromise the procedure. This includes:
● Sticky candies
● Hard candies
● Popcorn
● Sugary drinks
● Soda
● Coffee

Particles from food left in the mouth can promote the growth of bacteria under the Invisalign trays, which
can eventually lead to tooth decay.
After eating or drinking, please do not immediately reinsert the trays. Each tray must be cleaned
thoroughly, as well as the patient’s teeth. Your orthodontist should have provided you with sufficient
cleaning supplies to care for your teeth, like special brushes or soap.

Bonus Tip: Many patients will place their trays in a bowl of cold water and soap while they eat.
Another great way to avoid cavities is by using Sodium Fluoride, typically a gel you apply to your
toothbrush. Since this cannot be purchased over the counter, patients must receive a prescription from
their orthodontist.

Since Invisalign trays can hold saliva and bacteria against your teeth for the majority of a day, it is important to practice flawless dental hygiene. Follow this guide and you can kiss cavities goodbye. If you are looking for more information on Invisalign in Edmonton, contact Bonnie Doon Dental Associates today!

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