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Dental Check Ups in Edmonton

Regular Check Ups are Important For Your Oral Health

Dental Checkups in Edmonton

Beyond your daily brushing and flossing routines for your overall oral hygiene, it’s important to visit your Edmonton dentist for regular checkups and cleanings.  We can help you understand the benefits of regular dental visits, and ensure you know what to expect during your appointment.

You already are brushing and flossing regularly in order to maintain your oral health, and regular dental checkups every six months are an important part of that process.  In addition to regular checkups, your dentist may recommend more frequent visits based on your dental history or changes in your health between regular visits.

In preparation for your dental checkup, consider the following:

Has your general health changed since your last visit? Some diagnoses, for example, like diabetes or heart disease, can precipitate changes in oral health.

Share any changes you’ve noticed in your oral health with your dentist.  Giving them feedback on pain or sensitivity, or recent sores or lumps in your mouth, can help your dentist with early detection of changes in oral health.

If you have experienced anxiety in the past, or are uncomfortable about dental visits in general, speak with your dentist.  Letting them know you have some fear gives your dentist the opportunity to take measures to reassure and ease your mind.  Anxiety about visiting the dentist is common and need not prevent you from seeking regular oral care.

What can you expect during your dental checkup?

Both a dental hygienist and your dentist will likely want to visit with you to learn your dental history, and any concerns you may have currently, before performing a checkup.  Your regular checkup will give your dentist a picture of your current oral health and typically involves the following:

An Examination

The health of your gums, teeth and mouth will be assessed using a variety of specialized tools that allow your dental professional to detect any problems that you may not otherwise notice.  They may be be screening for oral cancer, measuring and comparing results of plaque buildup and any changes in pocket depth between your teeth and gums. Based on those observations, your dentist can recommend a personalized treatment plan that may include referral to a specialist, such as an orthodontist or periodontist.


From time to time, your dentist may request using x-rays to identify issues not visible above the gum line.  Issues like tooth decay and gum disease can develop between visits and go undetected longer without them.  With periodic x-rays, your dentist has a baseline picture of your overall oral health and can show and discuss with you any changes seen over time.

Cleaning and Polishing

A professional cleaning and polishing of your teeth with specialized tools is an important step in the checkup process.  Stains and plaque left to build up on your teeth can impact your overall dental health over time.


When it comes to your oral health, your dental hygienist and dentist can offer a wealth of information to help you establish and maintain healthy brushing and flossing habits aimed at supporting your oral health in between checkups.

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