iTERO® Dental Imaging

iTERO® Dental Imaging in Edmonton

Used To Help Create Braces, Crowns & Bridges, and Implants.

Why Ask for the iTero Intraoral Scanner?

In the past, when a dentist wanted an in-depth look at what was going on inside a patient’s mouth, dental molds and x-rays were the only options. Traditional methods work, but dental molds are time consuming and x-rays expose patients to small amounts of radiation. Today, the iTero Intraoral Scanner offers dentists and orthodontists a highly detailed digital image of the inside of a patient’s mouth without the hassle of traditional methods.

Handheld and Powerful

The iTero Intraoral Scanner is a small handheld device inserted gently into a patient’s mouth.  The device then sends digital pictures of the teeth and the structure of the mouth directly to a nearby monitor, allowing patients and their dentist or orthodontist to see in real time what is going on in the mouth.  The images of the teeth and mouth can be looked at from all angles right there on screen making it easier to build a customized treatment plan and follow the progress of that plan throughout treatment.

Precision Results

The digital images of an iTero scan can quickly and easily be shared with other professionals in the dental field for consultation.  For some patients, particularly those who choose the Invisalign aligners as their orthodontic treatment method, the iTero Scanner will be an excellent tool for their dental professionals to get an accurate and detailed image of the teeth. With detailed digital images available to their dentist or orthodontist, patients can be confident their treatment plan will result in the outcomes they are expecting.

Fast, Accurate, Safe

More and more dentists and orthodontic professionals are including the iTero Intraoral Scanner in their practices.  The small handheld device is safe, easy to use, and practical for their patients.  Use of the device reduces the need for exposure to x-rays and eliminates waiting for molds to harden, often resulting in less time spent in a dental chair during treatment. Detailed digital images increase accuracy of diagnosis and the subsequent dental treatment plan.

Ask Us

Ask the professional dental team at Bonnie Doon Dental Associates in Edmonton how you can benefit from the use of the iTero Intraoral Scanner when planning for your perfect healthy smile. Chances are, your treatment plan could benefit from the use of the innovative technology becoming available to so many.  Reduced treatment times and increased accuracy of images and diagnosis lead to happier, healthier smiles. Contact us today to start your path to a customized dental treatment plan with Bonnie Doon Dental Associates and the iTero Intraoral Scanner.

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