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What You Need to Know About Cosmetic Dentistry

Ever heard of a smile makeover? This is the most important job that falls under the broad umbrella of cosmetic dentistry. From stained, discolored, chipped, misshapen, misaligned, broken, to everything in between, cosmetic dentistry is the one-size-fits solution to every dental problem. If you live in Edmonton and are looking for a flawless smile, you can be lucky enough to find the best dentist in Edmonton to improve the health, function, and appearance of your smile in no time.

However, smile enhancement doesn’t come easy, mainly because of the lengthy cosmetic dentistry appointment. But the exceptions are possible if you visit a cosmetic dentist in Edmonton who’s known for using modern advances in dentistry, the latest procedures, techniques, and equipment. When this is the case, you can be confident in your smile and leave a lasting first impression wherever you go.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Unlike general dentistry, this field of dentistry particularly focuses on improving the health and appearance of the smile. Today, cosmetic dentistry is not only limited to the wealthy and celebrities, but it’s for everyone who’s looking for a complete smile makeover by a professional. From teeth whitening to using veneers, a cosmetic dentist knows all the ins and outs required to give a better smile than before.

Types of Cosmetic dentistry

In general, there are several types of cosmetic dentistry, all aimed at giving you a better smile to flaunt everywhere. Let’s have a short overview of each cosmetic dentistry type.

1.    Teeth Whitening

As obvious as it sounds, the teeth whitening cosmetic dentistry procedure helps clean the teeth from inside out. An experienced cosmetic dentist will use teeth bleaching products to clean your teeth from stains and give a beautiful overall appearance.

2. Dental Veneers

Veneers can actually do wonders to enhance your teeth. To simply put, veneers are thin shells made up of a special type of plastic. If you visit a cosmetic dentist in Edmonton, he’ll customize the veneer according to your dental requirements to enhance your teeth’ shape, color, size, and length. Also known as Hollywood smile, dental veneers basically cover the front surface of the teeth by removing the enamel of that area.

3. Dental Bonding

The name dental boning reflects the purpose of this cosmetic dentistry type, promising a flawless smile easily. Like dental veneers, a transparent resin-shaped material is attached to the tooth to be fixed. As an effective dental procedure, it works pretty well to repair chipped, broken, damaged teeth with spaces between them. However, it’s quite a lengthy cosmetic dentistry procedure as you might have to regularly visit for dental checkups in dental clinic Edmonton.

4. Crown Lengthening

Many patients demand crown lengthening as it gives a confident uplift to the face by removing the extra gum tissue. Therefore, it increases the length of the teeth to hide the uneven or ugly gum line. Considering the sensitivity of the task, it’s essential to choose an experienced dentist like the cosmetic dentist in Edmonton if you live in that area.

5. Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and Onlays fillings are more than necessary for people who want to spend a fortune on their teeth. These filings are mostly made up of gold, porcelain, or other composite materials attached either inside or outside of the tooth. Some choose this cosmetic dental procedure to fill their decay or damaged tooth, while others use gold and porcelain fillings to flaunt their lavishness. Whatever the case may be, both inlays and onlays are ideal for getting your smile in good shape without using heavy crowns.

How to Choose a Cosmetic Dentist?

As said earlier, cosmetic dentists are no ordinary dentists and handle more complicated dental procedures than general dentistry. Their experience, techniques, and understanding of your dental state determine the outcome of your smile. In light of this, only choosing experienced dentists like cosmetic dentist Edmonton can give you a sigh of relief. Whether you want to opt for teeth whitening or wisdom tooth removal, dentists in Edmonton have exceptional dental specialties to cater to your problems. If you live in Edmonton and are going to hunt for a cosmetic dentist in Edmonton, ask for the following things.

  1. Experience with cosmetic dentistry
  2. Skills in cosmetic dentistry
  3. Education in this field
  4. If the dentist is a member of AACD


With the increasing desire for a naturally perfect smile, cosmetic dentistry has advanced more than ever before. Whether you’re looking for a dentist for children or stuck in a dental emergency in Edmonton, the best cosmetic dentist in Edmonton brings the most organized aesthetic dentistry to the table. Not only are they experts in their work, but they also avoid lengthy dental checkups and take optimum care of their hygiene as dental hygienists.

If you have more doubts about cosmetic dentistry, it’s better to clear them now. For any queries, please reach out to our family dentist in Edmonton at Bonnie Doon Dental Associates.

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